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Transformational Coaching

Inner Transformational Coaching is a meticulously constructed space to break free from mental, emotional, and energetic bondage preventing you from experiencing true liberation.

Together we will embark on a journey into your inner and outer world to illuminate, magnify, and transmute what is in the way of you being free. Freedom is a byproduct of recognizing that which is inside of you that is always present. I call this the Limitless Self. The fruits of discovering what you have never not been is unshakable presence, timeless peace, and endless possibility.

Whether you are—an athlete wanting to up level your game, a business leader wanting more peace and happiness, or a spiritual seeker wanting to embody your greatest self-expression—Embodiment Coaching is personalized for you.

Below are three options to start your quest to awaken, activate, and align you with your highest:



Interested in what it would look like to work together? Click the link for a 60-minute connection call, fill out your information, and experience the transformative power of this work.



Interested in a 90-minute deep dive coaching call? In a deep dive I offer you a personalized energy read and 2-3 tools to shift your mindset & energy now. Click the link for more information.



Interested in on-going coaching? In my 1:1 coaching containers I work intimately with clients for three months or more. To learn more, click the on-going coaching link. I am beyond grateful to guide you through your transformation.

Breathwork & Meditation Coaching

Inner Energetics Training

From working out to “working in”, Monk’s Mind offers Inner Energetics Training—strength training for one’s mind, body, and energy.

To use our minds, and not be used by it, we must liberate it. Monk’s Mind offers meditation and breathwork coaching to those that seek guidance on how to train their mind.

This work combines meditation, breathwork, and embodiment practices for nervous system regulation, self-mastery, and self-realization—where ancient wisdom meets human potential.

The ultimate state of human potential exists when we are fully present (i.e. flow-state). This training is specifically calibrated for mental freedom, inner peace, and flow state.

Whether you are an athlete wanting to train your mindset, a business leader wanting more clarity and peace, or someone that is seeking meditation & breathwork coaching—Inner Energetics Training is tailored for you.

Learn the art of training the present moment. Below are two options to receive powerful transformational codes today:



Interested in Inner Energetics Training? Click the link above for a 30-minute connection call, fill out your information, and experience a live breathwork and meditation experience.



For more information on Inner Energetics Training click above.


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See what people are saying.

Kyle Torgerson
Kyle Torgerson

Seattle Mariners Head Athletic Trainer

“Mike practices what he preaches. His ability to connect with all kinds of people is leading him down a path of positively impacting anyone he comes in touch with. I personally leave every conversation I have with him more enlightened and further motivated to continue my own mindful practices. Someone I’m honored to call a friend.”

Jon Duplantier
Jon Duplantier

AAA Los Angeles Dodgers

He’s one of the most passionate people I’ve ever worked with. He goes above and beyond for those that show they want to be great!

Justin Donatella
Justin Donatella

Former AAA Arizona Diamondbacks

“Michael’s thirst for knowledge and growth are unparalleled as well as his love and passion to serve family, friends, and colleagues. He takes time to constantly improve his craft, which made him a wonderful coach to work with as we both strived to achieve our goals. I’ve been lucky enough to call him a coach, a mentor, and most importantly a true friend.”

Austin Byler
Austin Byler

Major League University

“I was incredibly blessed to be a part of Michael’s journey for 3 years with the Arizona Diamondbacks. His charisma and energy are absolutely INFECTIOUS. Michael not only displays complete professionalism in everything that he does, but he is an amazing person at his core. As a mentor of mine, Michael taught me how to connect my mind, body and soul to attract the results that I wanted to experience on the field and more importantly, in life. The tools that he teaches are second to none and are proven to enhance the quality of your life. As a fellow high performance coach, I put him up there with some of the best in the world. Michael is a standup guy who will deliver massive amounts of value to your life. A + guy all across the board. I highly recommend his program for anyone who is ready to take that next step in their life!!”

Jeff Bain
Jeff Bain

AAA Arizona Diamondbacks

“Mike has made a profound impact on my life as an athlete and arguably more so on my personal life. Since first hearing about his journey, he has shown me new ways to navigate life’s challenges with tools I didn’t know I had—all through conversation and without drawing a line between friend and mentor.”

Derek Clovis
Derek Clovis

Oakland A's Sport Performance Rehab Coordinator

“Mike Locasto is one of the hardest-working, driven, and passionate individuals I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  He is constantly seeking new and improved ways to help those around him. His devotion to his craft motivates me every day. With Mike’s support and guidance, I became the strength coach and person that I am today.”