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Ep. #11 – The Best Do the Basics Better with Nathan Friedman

What is one daily habit that if changed, would change your life? Regardless of what the habit is, “good” or “bad”, our lives are made up of those small moments. Those individual habits. The basics. In this episode, our host Michael is joined by friend and fellow Strength and Conditioning Coach Nathan Friedman!


Ep. #10 – Emotional Agility for Lasting Confidence

Where does true confidence really come from? Regardless of whether you want to be more confident on or off the field, it’s first important to understand how our emotions affect our reality. In this episode, our host Michael dives into the uncomfortable, yet powerful topic of emotions!


Ep. #9 – The Driver of Human Performance

Positive thinking is great, but our host Michael is sharing a faster way to train your mind and make the biggest impact on your performance in this episode! Your mind is so powerful and is running on your subconscious even more than you may already know. In this episode, Michael shares his personal experiences of how he was able to change his mindset and energy with back pain, mental limitations, and relationships.


Ep. #8 – Morning Rituals for Athletes

It is time to WAKE UP! In this episode of Top of Your Game, our host Michael is sharing how we can break free of overwhelm and raise our energy with morning rituals! If you have ever felt caught in a groundhog day loop of low energy day after day, you’re not alone.


Ep. #7 – How Thinking Impacts Your Game

Your thoughts are one thing you can’t shut off, you can’t take a vacation from, and they have a powerful impact on every aspect of your life! In this episode, our host Michael shares a defining conversation with a baseball player in search of perfection, about how our thoughts affect our game.


Ep. #6 – How to Tune into Peak States of Human Performance

This episode is all about flow! Welcome back to Top of Your Game! Today, our host Michael is sharing the competition routine to tune into your peak state of performance! What does it really mean to be in flow? Michael gives exercises to identify times you have been in flow, so you can intentionally tap into flow when you need it most!


Ep. #5 – A Meditative Mindset for Athletes

This episode is all about moving yourself from a place of thinking to a place of being! Our host Michael is diving into Meditation and how it can change your life and your game for the better.


Ep. #4 – How to Unlock the Peak Performer Within Pt II

Welcome to Part 2 of How to Unlock the Peak Performer Within! In today’s episode, our host Michael is sharing a case study of a baseball player Michael worked with. This baseball player was struggling with performance anxiety, and as Michael shares, his anxiety was a response to fear.


Ep. #3 – How to Unlock the Peak Performer Within Part 1

If you’re tired of working hard and want to work smart, this is the episode for you! In part one of this two-part episode, our host Michael shares his own personal story of getting in trouble at a college party, having to face his baseball coach, and what he learned from that experience in hindsight.


Ep. #2 – The Future Is Now – Be at the Top in 2021

Are you focused on the life you want to create or what you want to avoid? In this episode, our host Michael is diving into how we see the future, and how we can actually raise our energy to create real change in the new year!


Ep. #1 – Who Am I

We all have a powerful story. When we uncover it we begin to understand the power that is within. Allow me in this episode to share with you my story of adversity with debilitating back problems to becoming a high performance energy coach for athletes.

i am meditation

Powerful Meditation

Today I walk you through a powerful meditation technique that begins to re-wire your mind to your limitless nature. The two words "I Am" will guide you towards your truth. My dog Buddha will pull you out at the end.