Transformational Work

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High Performance Awakening by Michael Locasto

Welcome to the new age of human potential. High Performance Awakening is a holistic approach to human optimization for athletes, leaders, and spiritual seekers.

Transformational Coaching Deep Dive (90 minutes)

Welcome to Inner Transformational Coaching Deep Dive. These sessions are designed to illuminate the self-limiting beliefs, patterns, and habits impacting your performance, well-being, and inner peace. This is the deep inner work that will guide you back to the Limitless Self where pure possibility exists.


Transformational Coaching (3-Month Container)

Transformational Coaching to align to the Limitless Self. This work is a combination of mindset, embodiment, and energetic coaching—where human potential meets spiritual freedom. This is a three-month intimate container crafted for the individual that is truly ready for lasting transformation and self-realization.


Inner Energetics Training

From “working out” to “working in”, Inner Energetics Training is strength training for your mind, body, and energy. This work combines meditation, breathwork, and embodiment practices for nervous system regulation, self-mastery, and self-realization—where human potential meets spiritual freedom.