Breathwork & Meditation (60-minute)

by Michael Locasto


From working out to “Working In”,

Inner Energetics Training is strength training for your mind, body, and energy.

Monk’s Mind offers 1:1 personalized coaching to those that seek guidance on how to train their mind to experience more presence, inner peace, and flow state. Learn the art of training the present moment for peak performance.

This work combines meditation, breathwork, and embodiment practices for nervous system regulation, increased performance, and self-mastery—where ancient wisdom meets human potential.

Learn to disentangle from the mind’s labyrinth that causes endless mental suffering and begin to experience the power of your own BEING. We are human beings.

When one awakens to the profoundness of their being, their life will transform. The byproduct of moving from a state of thinking to being is unshakable presence and timeless inner peace. This is not merely philosophy, it is a direct experience.

At a time with so much information available to us we seem to be more lost, confused, and conflicted on how to use our minds and not be used by it. Through practicing the art of presence you will cultivate more peace, freedom, and flow-like experiences.

Through thousands and thousands of years of neurology we humans have adopted brain strategies from our ancestors. We are wired towards survival. Above all else the brain is designed to keep us alive. In a state of survival, we are placed in an internal state of stress.

Neurochemicals like adrenaline and norepinephrine flood into our bloodstream to signal danger. Cognitive neuroscience now shows that, generally speaking, humans are in this state of stress over 70% of the time. We can trigger the fight flight nervous system by how we think.

Whether we are being chased by a grizzly bear or sifting through our emails this stress is registered within as the same. In a state of stress, we are in a state of fear. I have yet to meet anyone in sport or business that performs well in a state of fear.

In the world of human performance we have adopted mental toughness as the gold standard to training our minds and inner landscape.

Mental toughness training is akin to asking a thief to watch your money; or trying to control the wind. It results in lots of effort and guarantees exhaustion, overwhelm, and internal resistance.

The universe has a law of whatever we resist will indeed persist. What we fight we strengthen. We only need to strengthen our mindsets when we are avoiding, neglecting, or numbing from our undigested emotions.

Stress and anxiety are the byproduct of a dysregulated nervous system. It is not due to a lack of mental toughness.

The Zen Masters did not learn how to generate powerful and peaceful minds by trying to control it. Real mental training consists of liberating the mind, cultivating self-awareness, and developing emotional resiliency.

At the forefront of inner energetics training is emotional resiliency. Being fearless is not an absence of fear, it is a conscious choice to be with the fear, and then move beyond it. As we learn this art we cultivate the ability to consciously influence our physiology in any environment.

Whether you are an athlete wanting to train your mindset, a business leader wanting more mental clarity & vitality, or someone that is seeking powerful tools to transform their fear into purpose—This training is tailored for you.

Wisdom, mastery, and embodiment is the byproduct of directly experiencing absolute truth. It is available only in the present moment. See you on the inside.

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Kind Words

“Each session with Michael is unique and profound. He creates a safe, warm and relaxing environment where he gently assists with his light filled energy as you explore some of the deepest thoughts and emotions needed for clarity and growth. Thank you Michael for sharing this medicine with me.” – Scott R. (Transformational Energy Coach)

“Mikey was always a coach that was easy to talk to and brought powerful insight in various mental strategies.” – Pavin S. (MLB Baseball Player) 

“Mike does a great job of equipping you with the tools you need to eliminate resistance in your life as well as the power to create an infinite number of possibilities. If you are looking to begin your journey to living your best life both mentally and physically, Mike is your guy.” – Nathan F. (Human Performance Coach)

“My breathwork session with Michael was nothing short of extraordinary! I simply showed up with an open mind, and Michael laid out each step so that it felt comforting and peaceful. He created a very safe space and allowed me to release years of pent up emotional baggage through the process. I have tried several other forms of breathwork and wellness modalities, but this was a very unique experience that gradually allowed me to go deeper and deeper. Michael is very knowledgeable and genuinely cares about the well-being of those he serves!” Ben R. (Sales & Wellness)