Transformational Coaching (3-Month Container)

by Michael Locasto


“Dissolve the limited conditioned ego-identity to uncover and discover the infinite one.” – ML

Welcome Limitless Being.

From mental suffering to Timeless Peace,

Inner Transformational Coaching is a transmission to awaken to what I call the Limitless Self. This work is a combination of mindset, embodiment, and energetic coaching—where human potential meets spiritual freedom.

Steps to apply for this coaching program:
  1. Read through this page to see if this coaching is right for you.
  2. Click connection call at the top or bottom to book a 60-minute zoom session.
  3. Select a time and fill out an intake form. I am truly honored to connect with you.
What you will receive in this 3-month coaching program:
  • 12 (60-70min) personalized weekly coaching zoom sessions (option for in-person)
  • A tightly held safe space for deep inner work for lasting transformation
  • Around the clock support via voice memos and/or text message
  • The art of self-inquiry to break free from mental, emotional, and energetic prisons
  • Personalized tools, resources, and practices to help you integrate the wisdom and insight we uncover together
  • A digital copy of my book, High Performance Awakening—Free Your Mind, Master Your body, and Expand into Your Soul
  • One complimentary Inner Energetics Training Session (60 min Breathwork & Meditation Coaching)
What is Transformational Coaching?

Transformational Coaching is a meticulously constructed space to break free from mental, emotional, and energetic bondage preventing you from experiencing true liberation and lasting happiness. This is a three-month intimate container crafted for the individual that is truly ready for inner transformation.

Together we will embark on a journey into your inner and outer world to illuminate, magnify, and transmute what is in the way of you being free. Freedom is a byproduct of recognizing that which is inside of you that is always present. I call this the Limitless Self. The fruits of discovering what you have never not been is unshakable presence, timeless peace, and pure possibility.

When we were young, we were fully self-expressed embodied in love and truth. Every moment seemed like a new adventure awaiting to be unraveled. We lived in the space of infinite potentiality. Our life force energy danced with our experiences whether we were flowing in sports, creating art, or dancing with our favorite music.

We were free until we were not. We then became conditioned by society’s rules of “right” versus “wrong.” As little ones we learned to fit into this paradigm by suppressing our creative life force and creating a false-identity. We developed pre-frontal lobes that intertwined our thoughts with our emotions attempting to make sense of this programmed reality.

Through our childhood experiences we formed a set of beliefs about the world in which we live to keep us feeling energetically safe. These beliefs created a set of eyes for how we see the world—our perspective. This perspective has shaped our nervous system and it is this conditioning that largely influences humans today.

The only limitations we will ever experience are in the constructs of our own imagination—in the six inches between our ears. The mind lives in the past or the future, and yet we only exist in the now. We have habitualized conversations that make us feel “not enough”, “not accepted”, and “not worthy.”

We have let these voices run rampant without questioning them day after day, week after week, and year after year leading us to seek for solutions outside of ourselves. We have been conditioned and programmed to seek acquiring better circumstances thinking this will resolve and fix “our problems.”

We fall to this vicious cycle time and time again wondering why it has not taken away our inner yearning for more. We attempt to fill this void with materialistic pursuits, addictions, and circumstantial desires.

In the west we have idolized mental toughness as a way to avoid, distract, and run from what lies within us all while strengthening the root cause of mental suffering—the false identity (i.e. who we think we are). Wherever you go there you are. My work is in guiding you to recognize who you have never not been.

The only lasting solution is the dissolution of the false idea you have of yourself. When one fully embodies their Limitless Self a state of profound presence, lasting happiness, and boundless love infiltrates one’s being.

Whether you are an athlete wanting to elevate your game, a business leader wanting more peace and happiness, or a spiritual seeker wanting to embody your soul’s greatest expression—transformational coaching is personalized for you.

Real purpose is the moment-to-moment revelation of our absolute nature. We are human beings, and yet we have somehow crafted identities that gather self-worth from our productivity and external validation turning ourselves into human doings.

I have worked with many athletes, high-performers, and leaders over the years and this generally leaves them in the same place—exhausted, over worked, and feeling a sense of insecurity. The nervous system was never meant to live in over-drive, stress, and fear for significant periods of time. We must learn to regulate our nervous system for true self-mastery, increased performance, and embodied leadership.

I know because I was that athlete & high-performance coach that was anxious, tired, and insecure. For decades I suffered thinking I had to become someone to feel adequate. It was not until I started doing inner transformational work where I began to realize the game of life is not to become someone, but rather un-become who I am not to be who I already am. I would assert this is the game all of us beings are playing either consciously or unconsciously. For my full story click here.

Neuroscience has revealed that upwards of 95% of our human experience is influenced by our subconscious—which is stored in the body. That is, the majority of how we experience life is already trained from societal programming and childhood conditioning. To break free, we must shine a light (i.e. awareness) and make the unconscious content in our psyche that is impacting our well-being conscious.

Together we will create a safe space to explore the habits, patterns, and models of reality driving your experience and results in life. We will investigate deep seated self-limiting beliefs, subconscious embedded imprints, and habitual patterns preventing you from accessing your effortless power—in your BEING.

The most overlooked aspect of our human experience is the part of us that is always present. Ironically, this is the aspect we crave most. You will only always uncover your Limitless Self in the now.

This is the empowering news. What you are actually looking for is always right here even while you are reading these words. The challenge, opportunity, and life’s greatest invitation is to free oneself from the conditioning that is in the way of realizing this truth.

This work may be experienced as energetically expanding, soul-awakening, and perceptually transforming. As one begins to disentangle and dissolve mental, emotional, and energetic bondage a more natural way of being will emerge. Like fresh eyes a new lens of reality will be experienced.

I have nothing to offer you but the true you.

As Marianne Williamson says, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

If you are truly ready to awaken, activate, and align to your highest self-expression this container is for you.

The most Sacred journey we will ever choose is the return to Self.

I am truly honored to walk this path alongside you.


Inside the realm of Transformational Coaching:

⇒  Energetically reorient from mind / ego to heart and pure effortless being.

⇒  Break free from societal conditioning and programming to co-create a life with the Limitless Self.

⇒  Embody the Four Levels of Self-Mastery – Mental Liberation, Emotional Resiliency, Sacred Embodiment, & Spiritual Freedom.

⇒  Realize the Limitless Self which bears the fruit of unshakable presence, timeless peace, and pure possibility.

⇒  Dissolve self-limiting beliefs, faulty models of reality, and outdated mental stories & narratives.

⇒  Nervous system regulation – move from a state of reactive stress to true freedom in the present moment through self-awareness and breath.

⇒  Move beyond habitualized mental prisons of monkey mind thinking to access the heart of your inner Monk’s Mind™ (still, quiet, and peaceful).

⇒  Learn meditation, breathwork, and embodiment practices to cultivate vital energy, train inner qualities (ex. flow state), and realize pure beingness.

⇒  Unwind generational / ancestral patterns, habits, and behaviors rooted in fear-based thinking to re-write your future.

⇒  Cultivate presence – Learn to direct your awareness, focus, and energy where you would like as opposed to reactive fear, worry, and doubt.

⇒  Practice the art of self-inquiry, introspection, and contemplation for true self-discovery.

⇒  Live fully empowered right now.